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Technical & Professional Services

Collaborative Insight Technologies experienced Technical and Professional Services provides unparalleled quality of service through its customer first focus and can take your Governance, Risk and Compliance and SharePoint implementations from neutral to overdrive. We ensure the successful implementation of our solutions, and help you achieve the maximum return on your investment.
Our personnel are dedicated to providing end to end customer care, beginning at the time we present our solutions to you, and continuing beyond implementation and deployment. Our Consultants and Technical personnel also have extensive business knowledge and technical expertise, enabling them to work with you to efficiently install and optimise the solutions to your needs.
Our enterprise level Professional and Technical services includes:
Accelerate the implementation of GRCPoint™ and SharePoint with our Fast Track Implementation Services. The objective of this service is to get the GRCPoint™ system into production as soon as possible for your users and to get your techncial staff up to speed as fast as possible. Fast track your understanding of the GRCPoint™ application structure and configuration capabilities for ongoing support and evolution of your system.
The Service includes:

  • Installation and Set-up of SharePoint and GRCPoint™
  • Security hardening of your SharePoint and GRCPoint™ installation
  • Set-up of SharePoint Users, Groups and Permissions
  • Review of the GRCPoint™ System Structure and Components

Configuration of the GRCPoint system including:

  • Alerts and Notifications Alterations and Development
  • Workflow Alterations and Development
  • View Alterations and Development
  • Field and Form changes
  • Creation of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Technical and End User Training
  • End User tutorial videos

We offer a data migration service that moves all data from your existing Governance, Risk and Compliance system into GRCPoint™.
We offer a migration service for customers who want to move to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or Microsoft Office 365 from a Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 platform. Our team of experienced SharePoint professionals can move existing data, applications and customisations from SharePoint 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or Microsoft Office 365.
Organisations that are already using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies understand the enormous potential for increased productivity, application integration and collaboration this platform brings. Our team of experienced SharePoint professionals can extend our applications or even develop new complementary applications for your business.
Our standard annual maintenance and support contract is designed to help our customers with the required software and technical support to maximise the investment they have made in the our systems. This annual maintenance and support contract provides our customers with software updates, upgrades and unlimited technical support.
We assign dedicated accredited Project Managers to manage and ensure that all work undertaken is planned and executed in a manner that will meet or exceed our customers goals, within the required timeframe and budget. Our comprehensive project management services includes project implementation, defining and agreeing all processes and tools necessary to deliver, monitor and measure the service. We work proactively from the initial inception to implementing a governance model that will underpin the relationships, performance, quality and cost of the services required.

Collaborative Insight Technologies"We take pride in understanding our client's business, technical and project requirements."

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